Caring for Your Curb

Congratulations on your new concrete landscape curbing. Caring for your curb is essential to obtaining many years of enjoyment from your custom decorative landscape curbing.


Your custom landscape curbing will be dry to the touch within 3 hours. At this point it can withstand rain. Your curbing can be damaged if you bump it within the first 24 hours so caring for your curb is essential to obtaining many years of enjoyment from your decorative landscape curbing. Please take care to make sure pets, children, and guests do not step on your curbing. If your curbing is damaged by rain, we will repair it at our cost within 30 days. If your curbing is damaged otherwise, it will be repaired at a minimum charge of $275.00. Concrete is considered fully cured after 28 days. If your curbing was covered with plastic – this was to protect it from rain. The plastic can be removed and disposed of after 24 hours.


Your curbing has been sealed with Lil’ Bubba® UV CurbCure 350™ Curing Sealer and this offers excellent protection from the weather in the short term curing process. The sealer also protects the colored concrete for up to 2 years. We recommend that you have the curbing resealed every 18 months. DO NOT apply retail stores sealers as it may adversely affect the properties of your colored concrete curb beyond repair.


Your concrete curbing will provide you years of enjoyment with little care. It is important to understand that while extremely durable, your curbing is not indestructible. Pushing a wheelbarrow full of rock over your curbing may cause it to crack. If you need to get rock inside your bed then use a ramp to keep the weight off the curbing. Running over your curbing with a vehicle could cause permanent damage. Inform your landscaper to not allow the deck of their mower to make any contact with your decorative curbing. Doing so will risk leaving damage that may compromise the beauty of your decorative curbing. A string trimmer is suggested to trim the grass around your landscape curbing. Over time, tree roots may lift and break your curbing. By putting control joints closer together in areas where tree roots may be a factor, we can limit and sometimes prevent tree roots from damaging your landscape curbing. Also, this allows you to remove damaged sections to shave the tree roots down with a chain saw or hatchet and replace the curb section.


We seal your curbing with a specially formulated product called Lil’ Bubba® UV CurbCure 350™ Curing Sealer. This immediately provides protection and helps make caring for your curbing much easier. Sealing is especially important when using colored concrete. Calcium carbonate deposits can form on the surface of the concrete due to a natural reaction between carbon dioxide and the calcium hydroxide in the cement (often referred to as efflorescence.) As a result, colored edging may appear faded. Using our Lil’ Bubba® UV CurbCure 350™ Curing Sealer and a special additive in the concrete called Lil’ Bubba® Colorguard+™ almost all efflorescence is avoided. The sealed curbing will appear glossy at first but will ultimately settle to a matte finish.


In extremely wet areas or during extended periods of heavy rain, your curbing may retain water in your beds. If this becomes a concern, you have two options to allow water to drain freely from your beds. The first is to drill holes into the base of your edging using a 6 inch or longer ¼” masonry drill bit available at any hardware store. The second option is to dig a small channel under your edging being careful not to pry upwards. Place a 6” piece of PVC pipe with an elbow at each end in the channel and backfill around the pipe to keep it in place. This will allow the water to flow through the pipe under the edging.


Our Lil’ Bubba® UV CurbCure 350™ Curing Sealer seals the surface sufficiently to deter most algae and mold growth. If mold and mildew does appear anywhere on your curbing it can be removed with a strong bleach and water solution to kill the mold/mildew spores. After application rinse off with a spray nozzle attached to your hose. A stiff scrubbing brush may be needed for stubborn areas. Pressure washing your edging is not recommended as it can seriously damage the surface of your curb. If more than 18 months has elapsed since your curb was sealed you should order a re-seal of your curbing to help prevent recurring growth. It closes the pores of the concrete giving mold and mildew nothing to hold onto.

Once again Congratulations on your new Landscape Curbing.